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life-skills If you’ve ever been on an airplane, you’ll remember the pre-flight checklist the attendants run you through in explicit detail, often gesturing with model face masks and flotation devices similar to the real ones hidden away in your cabin. Even if you’ve gone through these on a red-eye flight, slowly dozing away in your seats as you listen to the lull of the engine on the tarmac you still likely remember the one detail they hammer into the lesson over and over again, take care of yourself first!

In the turmoil of an airplane emergency, it’s common nature to turn to your children first. You want to make sure they have an air mask and that their seatbelts are safely strapped in if something goes wrong. The flight safety team, however, urges the opposite. Take care of yourself first! There’s good reason for this, too. If you struggle to get your children’s masks on, as you would in such a frightening situation, there’s often the risk that you won’t put your own mask on in time. Simply put, you can put your kid’s masks on, but they probably can’t do the same for you. And that’s the key detail… no matter what happens, no matter what situation you find yourself in… you will always be the person your children rely on. So sometimes, you have to take care of yourself first.

That’s one thing that parents seem to forget all the time. Whether it’s a calm environment, or steady finances, or even educational backgrounds… everything that your child absorbs starts with you. Your current state of being is what your child will grow from—so begin taking care of yourself immediately!

For many parents, unfortunately, that means taking a look at their use of drugs and alcohol. The most pressing benefits are obvious—the financial burden of addiction being heaved from your shoulders, the health concerns, the restless hunger being sated, the fevers and shakes and nausea finally no longer being your waking status.

But beyond that are other factors—being able to plan your day. No longer does your schedule revolve around when you can get a hit, or when you can find your dealer, or escape to or from whatever you felt you needed to. Suddenly, this big black hole in your day is now free time. Sometimes it’s intimidating, even, to have so much time on your hands. If you need tips on planning or scheduling your day, visit this simple wiki for some advice. You have to get into scheduling your day! Also make sure to set time aside for self-building practices, like exercise, reading books, preparing meals, or even learning a new hobby. Whatever it is that you enjoy doing sober!

There’s also the financial benefit. Without drugs or alcohol, or whatever your addiction may be—you suddenly have a lot more financial stability. That money that went into feeding your vicious addiction is now at your disposal. Practice budgeting, and maybe use a portion of your new savings to contribute towards saving up for a new home or car, or planning a vacation for your family, or even experimenting with new, healthy recipes for dinners. Sites like Cooking Light have a variety of budget-friendly, healthy dishes that you can easily fit into your day.

The important thing is to realize that the most drastic change you can have on your child’s life is to simply regain control of yours. It’s just human nature to put your children first, but it’s also important to make sure you’re in a position to do so. There’s no shame in taking the time to build yourself back up from a history of addiction. After all, every hero was born when they rose from some great tragedy.

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